Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Multiplying Mixed Numbers: Free Printables {Math is Real Life}

This month's Math is Real Life post is a little different than normal. For this one, I decided to write about what happened last week when I was planning my math lessons. We were beginning instruction on multiplying mixed numbers. The focus of the first few lessons was on the computation process and the conceptual process. However, I always start each lesson with a task or word problem to keep it real life.
As I was prepping the lesson, I had to stop and think of how often do I (or anyone else) actually multiply mixed numbers. So I made a list of different situations where someone would need to multiply mixed numbers:

Then, I created four word problems that matched each real life situation to help my students (and myself) see the big picture and the connection between the math and real life.

Click here to download the pdf with the poster and to see all four problems!

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  1. Great question on how often we multiply mixed numbers in real life...I'm going to spend some time thinking about that and making note as I use them. Today is my first time linking up with Math is Real Life and I am so excited to participate.

  2. Great freebie!! Thanks so much for sharing :)

    Terry's Teaching Tidbits

  3. thanks so much for making my brain work harder...I'm in the process of using word problems with number lines and any suggestions or examples from you or created material would be awesome...if you decide to do that please provide teacher key...all curriculum developers competing with CCSS (for purchasing purposes only) are not providing multiple examples of how to get a correct answer. My team sat down last year and completed the 5th grade state test and each of us came up with several ways to solve each individual word problem with multiple steps unlike what might or might not be accepted in NYS answer keys. Which brings me to another flaw in the grading system. Teachers/scorers not familiar enough with the new CCSS standards need to be exposed to conceptual understandings beyond what was learned in previous years. they must have a greater understanding of multiply ways of presenting to accommodate the differentiated instruction expected in today's teaching. I'm a big advocate of providing your thinking on paper just like we expect kids to do. Thanks for the real world questions when presented with multiplying mixed numbers.
    When you move into geometry angles etc...I recommend the downhill speed skiers in the Olympics... the angles needed to maintain leads in speed within seconds is real life and also ties into those decimals that are hare to grasp for 5th graders...forget 3rd and this moment. There are live examples of olympic skiers at angles obtuse, acute etc and websites to really get kids to understand. Wow...I'm way off topic.

  4. correction "curricular developers for purchasing purpose should be for selling purposes big money"

  5. Love this, Jennifer! Everyone is cooking tons this month.... hmmmm, I need to go eat something :)

    Jamie aka MissMathDork!


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