Monday, February 17, 2014

Common Core Weekly Reading Review! {3rd-5th Grade Sets}

Whew, this year has completely flown by! I planned on blogging about my Common Core Weekly Reading sets along time ago. But, better late than never!

These resources have been a complete life saver for me this year. I have not had to worry about reading homework at all. And I know that what I am giving the students for homework is meaningful and common core aligned.

In each bundle (There is  a 3rd grade bundle and a 4th/5th grade bundle), there are a total of 9 sets.

The sets focus on specific common core skills and can be mixed and matched to fit any pacing guide. Each set is broke down like this:

  • 4 reading passages that focus on a specific Common Core skill(s) (1 passage a week)
  • Options for daily assignments to use with the passages
  • Thursday text dependent comprehension questions that allow for further practice of the focus skill (and other Common Core skills as well)

Let's take a look at this resource in action!

Here are come images of the daily assignment page. My students often use this page to jot down notes to remind themselves of what is required. Or sometimes we will read and discuss the assignments together and write reminders by the assignment. Each assignment is made specifically for the passages in the set. The assignments often build on each other as well (depending on the set.) They are differentiated, and each set has 3-4 options to meet the needs of your students.

Here is the passage we used this week (from the Theme Set). The students use the same passage for a day, with a different daily assignment. This really supports close reading of a text. As you can see from the images, students have underlined and written notes on the passage as required by the daily assignments.

This next component is optional. My school does not have a copy limit, so I am able to copy a page for the students to record their daily assignments. In addition to marking the text, some of the assignments require written responses. If you are limited on your copies, a piece of notebook paper, the back of the passage, or even a notebook would work! Here you can see some of my students' daily responses:

Finally, each passage has a set of text dependent questions that require evidence from the passage, and the questions are common core aligned.

And there is my weekly reading review! I use this for homework, but I several of my buyers are using it for classwork or even during reading workshop.

I currently have a 4th/5th grade combined set and a 3rd grade combined set.

You can find the bundled sets by clicking on the images!
 If you are currently using any of these sets, leave some feedback and let me know how they are working in your room!


  1. Those look wonderful! I'm looking into using them next year for homework :) Do you model the first week for the students, so they know how to do it on their own? Thanks!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

    1. You definitely could model it. I use them the week after I have introduced the skill, so that helps. And we go over the assignments together so I make sure they understand the directions. We do spend some time talking about what appropriate responses are, so they write more than just two words. :D

  2. I purchased the fourth and fifth grade bundle this past summer. I LOVE THEM. I just use the passage and questions as homework while I'm teaching a specific skill, then we go over it as morning work to get a little extra practice on that skill in. Also, I sometimes use them as a test when I finish teaching a specific standard. The only thing I added was in the text structure set, I created a document where my students had to identify the text structure for each paragraph and include key words or a written response on how they knew which text structure it was. I highly recommend this product to anyone remotely considering it. The text complexity is great and I love knowing that they are aligned to the common core standards. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this awesome product!

    1. Thanks for sharing how you use them! I may have to add a graphic organizer for the text structure. That is a great idea!

  3. If you made this for 6th I would be all over it! I have been trying all year to teach some of these skills and it had been a hard adjustment for my kiddos! I may just buy the 5th grade ones to get started :)

  4. I love how they align with all the skills so I could easily do this after we teach skill or even as some extra practice for kids that need help next year! I'm add these to my wish list - they look great!

    My Shoe String Life

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  6. I teach 5th and I have purchased quite of few of these (and keep going back for more!). I use them for morning work, also for center TDQ activities, and sometimes for homework! I LUH-OVE them. Thanks so much for providing them.

  7. I have loved this product! I use it to help me teach the skill throughout the week before they take the "District required" test on Friday. It has helped a lot!! Thank you very much!


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