Monday, January 21, 2013

Ready for Next Week! And a Peek into My Life!

All good things must come to an end! Including this awesome three day weekend. I don't know about you, but I got a lot accomplished (including some awesome family time!). The best part, I am all ready for this week, thanks to my awesome new printer!

So, this weekend will be exciting for sure! We have a new teacher coming, Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration (doing it Tuesday) and 100th day on Friday! And, I can honestly say I am ready!

For the new teacher, we tried really hard to set up her new room as much as possible. I set up her library and got her supplies from the supply cabinet. The other 5th grade teachers did her bulletin boards...they are so much better at that than me! New teacher coming: check!

On to MLK, I got this awesome MLK pack from my great friend over at 4mulafun!

It has it all (even more than I could ever possibly use! Storing some of it for Black History Month.)

Here is what I am using tomorrow!

Awesome flippable after reading about his life.

Fact and Opinion Sort. I will be doing this as a nice break during reading centers.

This pack even has math problems! 

MLK activities: check!

Check back tomorrow for a post about my 100th Day of School Activities! If you can't wait, check it out here!


And finally, I wanted to invite my blogger friends to have a peek into my life by inviting you to check out my new personal blog: My Life with Brody: A Journey with Autism. It is still very new (only 3 posts) but, I just had the blog design made from my good friend Oxana at Teacher's Clipart. I think I will be blogging more often now! You can check it out here!


Do you have any special events coming up this week?

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  1. Two days of training (tues and Wed) for me and then classes on Thursday and an IEP Team meeting on Friday.


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