Friday, January 25, 2013

100th Day Fun for Upper Grades!

Happy Friday! We were lucky enough to get the day off for "ice" that never materialized. But, hey, I will take a day off any day! Who is with me?

I wanted to share one of favorite new resources for my kiddos. Every year we get to see the primary kids having 100 Day fun, and I wanted to bring some of that to my classroom. As the years go on, the magic slowly goes away. Well, with some help of some great graphics from Ashley Hughes we can have some 100 Day magic that is aligned to upper grade standards.

This is a fun set of task cards that requires the students to simplify fractions with denominators of 100! This is a fun way to practice this skill that needs lots of practice to perfect.

Another math center has the students writing algebraic expressions that all have the number 100 in them. 

Also in this pack are some fun math printables with a 100 theme. (Prime and Composite Printable not pictured.)

I also threw in some reflection printables that have the students reflecting on their behavior and the skills they have learned so far.

There are a few more printables that didn't get pictured, but this gives you a peek into this fun way to keep 5th grade fun for the students! Click here to see what all is included.

Are you celebrating or did you celebrate the 100th day?

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  1. I do the simplifying fractions with 100 in the denominator because it's great practice for my fourth graders! I'll never forget the worst 100s day we ever had though. In our zest to improve the kids' stamina for their Long Composition MCAS test, someone in our school had the idea of making them write for 100 minutes. It was absolute torture for them! The poor kids. Their siblings all got to run around downstairs collecting 100 little treats from different classrooms, and fourth graders were suffering with a practice test. Never. Again. 100s day math centers are definitely the way forward!

  2. As 5th graders the 100th day actually becomes their 1000th day!! of elementary school since Kinder. We always celebrate that!


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