Sunday, December 2, 2012

Division Fun and a Tropical Christmas Freebie

We have been working very hard on long division these past few weeks. My students have huge gaps in their number sense, so this has been somewhat of a struggle for some. We have been working very diligently getting them to understand the partial quotients method of division in a conceptual way. We have been moving right along with that aspect of it. Now, they are struggling with little mistakes such as 36 - 40 = 16. In all honesty, I had about 8 students do that on their homework last week. 

So I created a fun little worksheet that is part of my Christmas Common Core Division Pack that has Elves "doing" division problems and making mistakes that I see my students make on a regular basis. They had a lot of fun trying to find the errors. The students who got the right answers were allowed to color in their elves in class and they were hung in the hall. Check out some of their work.

You can get this worksheet along with 12 other activities for practicing division this holiday season by clicking here!

Now, I have a fun freebie for you today! I bought this fun clipart from Ashley Hughes on TPT and decided to do a fun persuasive writing activity with it. Check out some of the pages below! Click here or on the first image to download it for FREE!


  1. I love how you have an incorrect problem that the students have to delve into to make correct...then listing their reasons why it is wrong. Just up my alley! Fabulous!

    Teaching in Room 6

  2. We call that method Hang 7 because the bracket looks like a big 7. It's my favorite method!

    Fifth in the Middle

  3. I want to hang with the Tropical Santa, I miss summer! Cute activity! Thanks!

  4. Stephanie, I love those type of problems, also!

  5. The Connected Teacher, that is where I want to be as well!

  6. Love the persuasive writing packet! And, I too, would love to be somewhere tropical; I'm not a cold weather fan. LOL I'm a new follower! Lauren Teacher Mom of 3


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