Sunday, September 30, 2012

Morning Work Freebies

I am loving my morning work this year. I have done different things in the past (Calendar Math, Math Review Only, etc) but this year my morning work will incorporate the past week's skills. I was really worried this year about getting everything taught. We are self contained and have to have one hour of RTI for math and literacy. This really took a HUGE chunk of our schedule away. My literacy mini lessons are SUPER mini (10 minutes...yikes). So I really needed to find some extra time for my students to review and practice necessary literacy skills.

The morning work is set up as a 4 square with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The students have Friday as a check over day or a make up day.

Each page contains a variety of Math, Language, and Reading Skills. I decided to add Math because our Math RTI is not allowing us to reteach or revisit current standards not mastered. Instead, we are only allowed to do foundational skills. The skills covered are the previous week's skills.

Here are the first few weeks. The first week has Math only (because we were still teaching the first 20 days in Reading and had not taught explicit skills). Some of you might be thinking these are kinda easy for 5th graders, but my group this year is extremely low (only 4 reading on grade level) so I am having to scaffold up to grade level work. You will be seeing it get increasingly harder after Fall Break (in two weeks). If you click on the pictures, it will take you to my teacherspayteachers store were you can download all the weeks. I will try very hard to keep them updated on a weekly basis and it will always be free and editable!

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  1. Love it,love it love it. I love anything that gives the kiddos something productive to do as soon as they come in. Sets the tone for the whole day! Thank you!

  2. This is fabulous! My grade level has been searching for the perfect morning work and we've struggled. We're definitely giving this a try! It looks like some great review of fractions especially!


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