Saturday, July 14, 2012

Math Centers and Printable Resources for 5th Grade Common Core Math

Here are a few new items to my TeachersPayTeachers store that I wanted to highlight on my blog.

First up is Decimal of the Day. I use this resource for morning work and homework after our decimal instruction to keep their skills fresh.

This pdf file contains everything you need for up to 2 months of decimal review (and even longer if you wish!). This activity would be great for morning work, a center, or even math homework. This would be ideal for use after decimal instruction to review those necessary skills before state testing.

I have included 20 pages with filled in, ready to use numbers. I have also included a blank page if you wish to continue this activity after the 20 pages are used.

Click here to check out Decimal of the Day.

This next series of resources is one of my go to math centers. These are Roll and Answer Math Centers. The students roll two dice to determine which question they will solve. They solve the answer, and repeat. So simple, yet so engaging!

These math games are perfect for practicing the math skills on a regular basic. The simple directions allow the students to focus on the skills. (The pictures show the games printed four to a page.) To read more about my Roll and Answer Math Games and grab a few freebies, click here.


  1. Jennifer- I looked for your Fraction of the Day packet on TpT and couldn't find it. Your link just takes me to your store. Do you have a store on Teacher's Notebook that it is on? I would love to purchase it. I have several other things you have done.

  2. Caroline, can you eamil me at

  3. I am also interested in buying the Fraction of the Day packet on TpT. I am also going to e-mail you. Thanks!

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