Sunday, June 10, 2012

Common Core "I Can Statements"

The moment I have been dreading looking forward to is finally here: Common Core implementation has arrived. While looking through the standards, I have decided to break them down into learning targets or "I Can" statements. I am hoping that this will make them easier to teach/learn/assess. I have completed the Reading Literature and the Reading Informational standards. Take a look. I will do the other standards sometime soon. I need a break from all things common core!


  1. These look awesome!! I think the "I Can" statements will make the common core standards much more manageable! :)

  2. We are now required to post I Can statements. Thank you so much for sharing! They will be on my wall come Monday morning. :))

    ~Amanda Elementary Teacher Files 

  3. Thanks for sharing these! I have a 5th grade interview coming up and need to review:)


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