Saturday, June 16, 2012

Common Core Essential Questions and Teacher Prompts and a Give Away!!

Just finished up another Common Core project! For this resource, I have compiled a list of essential questions or teaching prompts for each Literacy Common Core Standard. This is my favorite Common Core resource! I am going to print each page off and put it in a binder for a handy resource when planning my lessons! This document is 43 pages long and very useful! 

Here is how I use these EQs in my classroom:
  • I have them in a binder handy for when I am planning my units (Using Backward Design) and my lessons.
  • I post these on the markerboard for each lesson. Some of the questions stay up the entire week and some change daily depending on the focus of the lesson.
  • As a class, we read and discuss the EQ at the beginning of the week or lesson. While we are moving through the mini lesson I am constantly referring back to the EQ. 
  • At the end of a lesson/week, I use the EQs to formatively or summatively assess my students' understanding.
    • I sometimes have my students answer the EQ in their reading binder or journal.
    • We may do a structured partner talk to answer the EQ.
    • I may give an exit slip post it where they have to answer the EQ and then I will even grade their response.
For the teaching prompts, I post these as sentence stems to help the students record their responses to questions about that skill. Or they use the teaching prompts as a sentence stem for their reader's response journal.

Take a look at the different questions! Click on the pictures to go to my teacherspayteachers store and grab your copy today!


  1. I just found out that I moving to 5th grade next year, this resource would be great to get me started!

  2. Kari,

    I just sent them your way! I hope you find them useful.


  3. i also am moving to fifth next year. i am new to blogging and have spent way to much time reading blogs. it is like finding a gold mine!

  4. Beverly,

    I have emailed them to you! I hope they can be useful to you!


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  6. Our school is implementing it this year, so this will make it easier for me now that we are implementing it.


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